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Closeup Of White Smile

Introducing KöR Teeth Whitening

Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry is pleased to offer a brand new and innovative service to our teeth whitening spa…KöR Teeth Whitening! This elite, highly advanced treatment to whiten teeth is one of the most effective professional teeth whitening products available. No lasers…just a revolutionary way to a whiter smile. Read on to learn more …

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Toothbrush and Calendar

Missing your dental appointment could cost you

Life is busy for most people. Between work, family, social functions and everyday errands and chores, there can be little time for much else. However, just as you would care for the health of your body, you should also be sure you’re taking the time to care for your teeth and gums. Studies continue to …

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Woman Brushing Teeth At Home

Why At-Home Care is So Crucial to Oral Health

You are likely aware that brushing your teeth twice a day is recommended by the American Dental Association. As is flossing daily. But for some—they are not doing this. And for others, they are, but it may not be enough. And even if you are seeing your dentist for your cleaning and dental exam twice …

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Woman Eating Candy

Why Sugar is so Bad for Your Teeth

You likely have heard eating candy and other sugary foods and drinks is bad for your teeth. Typically, it is something we hear from childhood. But do you know exactly why sugar can harm the teeth? Read on to learn more. Sugar – what to know when it comes to your teeth Though eating candy …

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Woman Holding Mouthguard

Who Should Wear a Night Guard?

Do you find yourself clenching your teeth at night? Or even waking up with a headache or jaw pain as a result? This is known as bruxism, and it affects many people.  Keep reading for more on this important topic. Do you need a night guard? Bruxism can be brought on by genetics and even …

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What is Tooth Enamel and How to Keep it Intact

Tooth enamel is an essential part of your teeth. It is the shiny and hard outside layer of the tooth. In fact, it’s of all the materials in the human body, it is the hardest! Tooth enamel is made of minerals, allowing it to provide protection to your teeth. However, it must be cared for …

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Closeup of Dental Crown

How Long Does a Dental Crown Last?

Of course, maintaining great dental hygiene can save you from a litany of issues when it comes to your oral health. But sometimes, when dental problems become evident, solutions like a dental crown are necessary to save or restore a tooth. A dental crown is a relatively common dental cap – it fits over your …

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Woman in Dental Chair

Three Tips to Avoid a Cavity

We’ve all heard “brush your teeth twice a day” to avoid cavities. And while this is still very true, it should go without saying. And even if you do brush twice daily, you could still be at risk for cavities due to other factors. So, what else can you do to avoid cavities? We have …

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Woman putting in her clear aligners.

How to care for your Invisalign Clear Aligners

So you’ve taken the plunge and gotten Invisalign…good for you! A straight smile is within reach. In addition to coming in for your regular checkups and wearing the clear aligners for at least 20 hours a day, you should also be sure to take excellent care of your aligners. Read on for more on how …

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Girl looking in mirror at loose tooth.

Is it Okay to Pull Your Child’s Loose Tooth?

Does your child have a loose tooth? Losing baby teeth can be an exciting time for kids as this means permanent teeth are on the way. This usually happens around six years of age or a bit older when the baby teeth (or primary teeth) are dissolving to make way for permanent teeth. Truth be …

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Closeup of White Smile

How to Keep Your Teeth Sparkling White

If you’re looking to feel and look your best, the good news is, a bright white smile can help! Studies even show that a nice-looking smile not only encourages self-confidence but also makes you look more attractive and even more successful to others. Whitening your teeth can help you look younger and more vibrant, and …

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Closeup of Chipped Tooth

Dental Emergencies – What You Need to Know

At times, whether due to injury or a nagging oral health issue, you may experience a tooth or mouth issue that could be of an emergent nature. A dental emergency is a situation that requires immediate attention from a dentist. These can occur out of blue, and most times require fast dental care. Fortunately, our …

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Closeup of Woman Smiling

How to Achieve Your Best Gum Health

Gum disease is fairly common thing that happens to over 47 percent of U.S. adults. Symptoms of gum disease can include not only damaged tissue around your teeth, but also bad breath, red, sore gums, bleeding gums and more. At its worst, it can cause tooth loss and also bone loss, along with a host …

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Woman Laying in Flowers Smiling

Spring Clean…Your Mouth!

Spring is here! And it is often a time when we clean out our homes, organize, freshen and get them in their best working order. Well, spring is a fantastic time to do the same when it comes to your oral health. Thinking about how you can heighten your oral care – and putting simple …

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Patient in Dental Chair for Tooth Extractions

Why Extractions are Necessary

Dental extractions are a treatment where one or more teeth are removed from the tooth socket. Though we try to avoid this, if at all possible, sometimes it is necessary for your oral and overall health. Learn more about this below. Why dental extractions? Our goals are to make sure you have your natural teeth …

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Closeup of woman smiling

You Deserve a Healthy, Beautiful Smile!

Many people struggle with the appearance of their smiles. This could be due to poor dental care over the years or other issues such as gapped teeth or teeth that are crowded or yellow. Our smile can be thought of as our billboard – and when you want to hide it, it can be cause …

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Before and After Teeth Whitening

Facts About DIY Teeth Whitening

As time goes on, most people experience some level of dulling or yellowing of their teeth. And there is a plethora of ways to whiten – both at your dentist and over-the-counter methods. But there are some differences between the two – from safety to effectiveness. Read on to learn more about this. What’s the …

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Woman in Dental Chair

What Exactly is Plaque and How to Avoid it

Plaque is a substance that derives from food and debris particles that build up in the mouth when not properly removed. This is an issue because plaque is filled with bacteria that can lead to gum disease and tooth decay, which can cause a host of other issues for your teeth and mouth. If your …

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Mom with Daughters

Choosing the Right Dentist for You and Your Family

Choosing a dentist, much like choosing a family doctor, is a very important decision. After all, you’re leaving your smile and oral health in someone else’s hands – literally! As such, it is key to do your research and choose the right dentist office for you and your family. But what should you look for? …

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Woman Smiling in Dental Chair

Why a Straight Smile is a Healthier Smile

Many people desire a straighter smile so that they feel more confident in their appearance. When teeth are gapped, crooked or crowded, it can mean the difference between feeling your best or wishing you felt better about your smile. But did you know that a straight smile also makes your smile healthier? A true win-win! …

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Woman with Hearts in Eyes

Valentine’s Day is Coming! Put Your Best Smile Forward

We are officially into February! That means romantic dinners and special Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day celebrations. And while it’s important to feel our best every day, special occasions are even more of a reason to love on ourselves and put our best face forward. This includes your smile! A gorgeous white smile is your best …

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Woman brushing teeth

Are You Brushing Too Hard? How to Tell

Most are aware that brushing teeth twice a day is the minimum recommendation for a healthy smile. However, some people are unaware that when they do brush, they are brushing too hard! Whether you’re in a rush or feel that brushing harder will get your teeth cleaner, you should be aware of the dangers of …

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Woman Eating Salad

Foods That Can Enhance Your Oral Health

They say you are what you eat…and that certainly rings true with your oral health! You probably know that healthy, nutritious foods are key to maintaining a healthy body. But did you know that there are foods that can also benefit your teeth and gums? Read on to learn more. What to eat for optimum …

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Woman in Dental Chair

What are dental implants and who could benefit from them?

Dental implants are often a good solution for adults missing one or more teeth. Teens whose facial development is complete may also be candidates for dental implants. Sometimes, due to injury or even tooth decay or infection, teeth must be removed. Fortunately, there are aesthetic solutions with dental implants, which also offer restored health to …

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Woman Holding Her Jaw

Why Your Tooth Hurts and When to Seek Treatment

Is your tooth aching? Perhaps it’s stinging when you consume a hot or cold food or beverage or when out in cold, windy weather? This can be a rather painful – and bothersome – experience. Fortunately, with the right dental care, you can avoid pain in the teeth altogether! Read on for more. Toothache…or something …

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Woman Smiling with Confetti

What Makes You Want to Smile More Often?

With 2024 upon us, it is the perfect time to evaluate your life, health and goals. For many, that includes doing things that are good for their health, wellness and overall self-confidence. And your smile is a key source of feeling good about yourself! Believe it or not, there are many dental treatments that can …

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Woman Showing Gums and Teeth

Ensuring Optimum Gum Health

For many people, taking good care of their teeth is a part of their everyday health habits. Most know that brushing twice a day goes a long way to fend off cavities, keep breath fresh and keep teeth white. However, some people don’t often think of their gums quite as often. But truth be told, …

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Older Couple Brushing Teeth

What’s the Secret to Keeping Your Natural Teeth for a Lifetime?

Did you know that your teeth can outlast a plethora of other parts of your body? Of course, teeth do age, however, you can protect through some simple steps…and keep your natural teeth your entire life! Read on for more. Keeping your teeth healthy for a lifetime Protecting against tooth loss is something you should …

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Woman Holding Mirror in Dental Chair

Which Whitening Option is Best for You?

Is your smile dazzling or beginning to dull? Is it as white as you’d like, or could it be brighter and whiter? Though brushing is key to a healthy mouth, oftentimes, over time, we need a little more to make our smiles as white as we’d like. Fortunately, there are professional options that are more …

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Woman With Tooth Shading Chart

Are You a Good Candidate for Veneers?

Maybe you’ve heard of dental veneers or maybe you’ve even considered finding out more about this cosmetic dental treatment. Regardless, it’s important to understand what veneers treat and who is a candidate. Read on to get clued in on this. What are veneers and are they right for you? Dental veneers are a cosmetic solution …

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Mom Showing Daughter How to Brush

How to Teach Your Kids Good Dental Health Habits

When it comes to learning to take care of your teeth – adults are key in teaching kids how to do this early. And many times, teaching by example is best! Read on for simple ways to encourage optimal dental wellness with your child. Starting dental health habits early While there is no substitute for …

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Business Man holding Referrals card

Why Our Patients Refer Us

When it comes to our patients, we take each one very seriously. After all, our patients deserve the very best dental care and service, and they are our livelihood! We are fortunate to have built a practice with a long list of patients over the years. Many times, new patients come to us by way …

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Cropped shot of a young caucasian smiling woman before and after veneers are installed isolated on a white background. Teeth whitening. Dentistry, dental treatment. The result of veneers installation

The Ins and Outs of Dental Veneers

If you aren’t satisfied with the way your smile looks, you may be considering cosmetic dental options. For many people dental veneers are a fantastic solution for a variety of issues. Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry is an expert in dental veneers in Birmingham, Michigan. Keep reading to learn more What to know about veneers …

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Woman Smiling Glamorously

A Simpler Way to a Beautiful Smile

Your smile is truly your billboard! It’s one of the first things people notice about you and even remember about you. But for many, their smiles are one thing they wish to change. Fortunately, with a treatment called Snap-on-Smile, you can have a gorgeous new smile…in a snap! And, what’s more, it is a more …

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The Cost of Missing Your Dental Appointment

Now, more than ever, people are dealing with busy schedules. Between career, family and social engagements, there can be little time for anything else. And while most typically only go to the dentist twice a year, it is important not to cancel or push your appointment off. Even if you have good at-home dental habits, …

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Woman Smelling Hand

What Bad Breath Could be Trying to Tell You

Are you concerned your mouth is not as fresh as it could be? Do you worry in close spaces or during conversations your breath may have an odor? These can be common concerns. And for most, it typically shouldn’t be too worrisome. But for some, bad breath is a very real issue – one that …

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Child with Invisible Braces

Is Invisalign Right for Your Child?

Adolescent and teen years hold great experiences and memories for most kids. However, going to school and being a teen can be stressful for kids and their confidence. And add to it old, bulky metal braces that are uncomfortable and obtrusive, well, that can be cause for embarrassment for some. Today, millions of kids get …

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Woman Holding Lip up

Why Your Gums are Red and Sore Lately

When you think of good oral health, you probably think of healthy teeth. And while teeth wellness is essential, it’s important to consider your gums, as well. Many people, at one point or another, find themselves with red, inflamed gums that are sore and even bleed. This issue, though common, can be cause for concern. …

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Closeup of woman's mouth with Candy in it

Candy and Your Oral Health

Do you have a sweet tooth? At times, we all do! And with Halloween approaching and an abundance of candy available at every store this time of year, it’s important to look at the effects that candy has on your teeth. And while it’s okay to indulge here and there, you can do so safely …

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Woman Brushing her teeth

Are You Brushing Your Teeth Long Enough?

Perhaps you don’t think about the process of brushing your teeth too much. It’s likely just a habit – when you get up and when you go to bed. And while this is probably true for most people, you should actually be aware of how long you are brushing your teeth! Read on for why. …

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