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Teeth wear is a common occurrence and occurs from one or more causes. Tooth grinding (bruxism), acidic foods, poor bite (malocclusion), gastric reflux, bulimia and normal wear and tear (along with age) are the most common causes. The ravishes of this problem can lead to pain, TMJ dysfunction, and/or blunted teeth resulting in an unappealing smile.

In order to treat worn teeth it is necessary to determine the cause.

The treatments may range from simply modifying one’s diet, to full mouth rehabilitation. Full mouth rehabilitation entails the rebuilding of the teeth to replace the missing enamel. This can be done with permanent porcelain overlays or crowns.

When restoring extremely worn teeth, Dr. Milan not only restores function but also redesigns the entire smile and appearance. Having a worn dentition properly restored improves both quality of life and esthetics.

Dr. Milan will discuss your history and thoroughly evaluate your worn teeth. After this you will receive a specific plan that will restore your comfort, function and give you a great smile.

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