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Some patients feel that their teeth are beyond help, for those patients full mouth rehabilitation may be an excellent option to get back their health, function and esthetics. Dr. Milan has performed full mouth rehabilitation on a multitude of patients with extraordinary results.

The term full mouth rehabilitation involves an extensive method of either completely replacing or modifying one’s current teeth. In some cases it may involve full mouth crown and bridge work to “build-up” a worn down bite. In other cases it may be providing full mouth, permanent implant retained teeth. In either case, it takes a dentist with advanced skills to diagnosis, plan and treat a patient with these needs.

The results with full mouth rehab are dramatic. It truly restores a person with a decimated dental status, and transforms them to proper health, function and esthetics. If this sounds like you or a loved one, full mouth rehabilitation will change your life.

Before and After Teeth

Dental Studios

Closeup of Dental Sculpture

We are proud to feature our dental lab, daVinci Dental studios. DaVinci works hand in hand with Dr. Milan to create the best results available in dentistry today.

DaVinci Dental Studios has consistently led the dental industry in innovative and artistic techniques for over 30 years. daVinci started with a commitment to provide the most natural results possible that rivals nature in fit, function and form. The art of creating your smile is accomplished with the finest technicians and materials available which are made in the U.S.A. Each member of daVinci embodies a quality driven love of the creative process and an extreme devotion to the art and science of dentistry.

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