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Oral Exams

All new and existing patients must have an oral exam every six months. This is where we thoroughly examine your dental health. We look for dental decay, gum disease (periodontitis), malocclusion (bite -problems), TMJ (musculoskeletal problems, and general oral health.

Ensuring Dental Health Through Regular Oral Exams

Oral exams are a cornerstone of maintaining dental health and should be conducted at least every six months for new and existing patients. These exams are comprehensive, covering various aspects such as checking for dental decay, gum disease (periodontitis), bite problems (malocclusion), TMJ (musculoskeletal issues), and the overall health of your mouth. Oral exams also focus on the aesthetics of your smile, ensuring both health and appearance are addressed​​.

Understanding the Components of an Oral Exam

Assessment of Dental Health

The oral exam begins with a thorough assessment of your teeth and gums. The dentist checks for any signs of decay, gum disease, and other oral health issues. This proactive approach helps identify and address problems early, preventing them from escalating into more serious conditions.

Evaluating Bite and Jaw Function

Most of the exam evaluates the bite (occlusion) and jaw function. This includes checking for malocclusion, which can lead to problems with teeth alignment and jaw discomfort. Assessing TMJ function is also crucial, as it can affect overall jaw health and function.

Enhancing Oral Health and Smile Aesthetics

Aesthetic Evaluation

In addition to health concerns, the aesthetic aspect of your smile is also evaluated. This includes the color, alignment, and general appearance of your teeth. The goal is to not only ensure your teeth are healthy, but also that you have a smile you can be proud of.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Personalized treatment plans are developed based on the oral exam findings. These may include recommendations for dental treatments, cosmetic procedures, or at-home care routines to improve your teeth’ health and appearance.

We also look at the aesthetics of the smile.

These problems are addressed by providing treatment options for the patient to take the proper steps to achieve oral health and appearance.

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