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Dental Implants in Royal Oak, MI

Dental Implants in Royal Oak, MI
Dental Implants in Royal Oak, MI

Dental implants are the smart, effective way to secure crowns, bridges and dentures. They lock into your jawbone to hold replacement teeth and strengthen your jaws as a whole. We recommend tooth implants for any cosmetic dentistry patients in need of artificial teeth. Dr. Milan has years of experience with implant dentistry, and he has a trusted reputation in Royal Oak, MI.

To find out if dental implants are right for you, contact Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry. You can reach our office near Royal Oak, MI at (248) 644-2136. One of our friendly office agents will schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Milan so he can examine your smile and determine the best treatment plan for you.

Dental Implants Are Highly Recommended for Replacement Teeth

Dental implants are far superior to natural teeth roots, and sometimes they are required to properly secure a new tooth in place. Whether you need a porcelain crown, a custom bridge, partial dentures or complete dentures, you can benefit from this extra support. Tooth implants greatly extend the lifespan of replacement teeth, saving you money and giving you more peace of mind. Treat yourself to a dependable smile that you can show off with confidence.

  • Lock Porcelain Crowns in Place
  • Anchor Custom Bridges with Durable Titanium Posts
  • Extend the Life of Replacement Teeth
  • Relieve Pressure on Your Gums Caused by Dentures
  • Speak and Smile with Confidence Knowing That Your Teeth Are There to Stay
  • Work with a Respected Tooth Implant Dentist in Royal Oak, MI
  • Explore a Wide Range of Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions, Including Porcelain Veneers and Full Smile Makeovers

Dental implants mimic the friction of natural teeth roots, which strengthens your jaws over time. This further secures crowns and bridges to keep your smile shining bright. Learn more about implant dentistry and its amazing benefits by calling (248) 644-2136.

A Trusted Periodontist in Royal Oak, MI

Dr. Milan is known for his cosmetic dentistry work, but many patients do not know that he is also an experienced periodontist! Periodontists go through specialized training to learn about gum disease and implant dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry covers what you see on the surface, while periodontics deals with issues below the gums. Dr. Milan has holistic knowledge of the inner workings of your smile, ensuring top-quality results with dental implants and other procedures. Contact our Royal Oak, MI cosmetic dentist office to learn more.

To Set up an Appointment for Dental Implants, Call (248) 644-2136 to Reach Our Royal Oak, MI Office

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