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Dental Implants near Rochester Hills, MI

Dental Implants near Rochester Hills, MI

Have you thought about getting dental implants near Rochester Hills, MI? This is a great option if you are in need of artificial teeth, such as porcelain crowns or dentures. Dental implants provide a strong footing for replacement teeth, extending their lifespan and durability. The result is a fortified, stunning smile that you can withstand the test of time.

Dr. Milan is a leading provider of dental implants near Rochester Hills, MI. His work is highly acclaimed, and he receives many referrals from this community. To learn more about tooth implants, contact Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry at (248) 644-2136.

Provide a Strong Support for Artificial Teeth

If you want a house to stay upright, you need a solid foundation. The same can be said for restoration dentistry. In order for a replacement tooth to last, it needs a good backing. That’s where dental implants come in. They anchor these teeth better than natural tooth roots, and they never weaken or decay. Here are some reasons to think about dental implants near Rochester Hills, MI:

  • Dental Implants Mimic the Friction of Natural Teeth Roots, Which Strengthens Your Jawbone
  • Implants Take the Pressure off Your Gums So Your Dentures Can Stay in Place
  • Tooth Implants Do Not Decay Like Teeth Roots, Providing the Perfect Support for Artificial Teeth
  • Implant Dentistry Is Tested and Proven Strategy in Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Milan Uses the Latest Tools and Technology for Superior Results and Exquisite Care

Want to learn more? Call (248) 644-2136 to schedule a confidential consultation with Dr. Milan.

Types of Dental Implants near Rochester Hills, MI

There are two styles of dental implants: full-size and mini dental implants. They both serve the same purpose, but mini implants are smaller and narrower than their full-size counterparts. Dr. Milan uses mini implants in areas where the dental arch is narrow. This leaves less bone to work with, but the mini implants can still be secured properly. When you come in for your consultation, Dr. Milan can help you select the right type of dental implants near Rochester Hills, MI.

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