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Composite Veneers near Franklin MI

Composite veneers are an excellent compromise for clients who want the look of porcelain veneers without as much preparatory commitment. Composite veneers offer many of the same smile transforming benefits, and for some clients, they’re an even better fit than porcelain veneers. Nevertheless, we always recommend discussing your options with your dentist to find the ideal path for your unique needs. Our specialists are here to help you do that. Contact us at (248) 644-2136 to set up a consultation for composite veneers near Franklin MI.

How Do Composite Veneers Compare to Other Types of Veneers?

When you’re comparing different types of veneers, it’s important to consider pricing, comfort, longevity, and installation application. Your cosmetic dentist can educate you about the pros and cons of each product to help you decide what to do for your smile. Here are some features to look forward to with composite veneers:

  • Composite veneers typically cost less than porcelain veneers.
  • Composite veneers may be easier to fix in some cases, depending on the extent of the damage.
  • The lifespan of composite veneers tends to be shorter than the life of other veneer products.
  • Composite veneers require less preparation than porcelain veneers, but Lumineers require even less preparation.
  • Some smile goals are only achievable with porcelain veneers, but your cosmetic dentist can compare your options to help you make an informed decision.

If you’re ready to compare your options, contact Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry at (248) 644-2136.

Customize Your Smile to Fit Your Lifestyle and Goals

Not sure if veneers are the right route for you? We have plenty more smile solutions to choose from! Here is an overview of some of our most sought-after services:

  • Premium Veneer Products, Including Porcelain Veneers, Lumineers, and Composite Veneers near Franklin MI
  • Bridges, Crowns, and Full-Mouth Dental Arches
  • Composite Fillings That Repair and Prevent Tooth Decay While Blending in with Your Smile
  • Luxurious Teeth Whitening Spa with a Full Suite of Zoom Teeth Whitening Services
  • Clear Braces Orthodontics Services, Including Invisalign
  • Gum Disease Treatment and Full Mouth Rehabilitation
  • Dental Implants That Anchor Crowns and Bridges in Place
  • General Dentistry Services with the Same Elite Care That We Offer for Cosmetic Dentistry (Annual Teeth Cleanings, Oral Exams, etc.)
  • Color-Matched Dental Bonding to Repair Chipped Teeth and Targeted Discoloration
  • Full and Partial Dentures with a Comfortable Custom Fit

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