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Lumineers for Teeth Whitening near Franklin MI

Woman Smiling with Lumineers for Teeth Whitening near Franklin MI

Would you like to whiten and straighten your smile all at once? Lumineers may be the perfect solution for you. Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry offers a range of custom cosmetic dentistry services, including Lumineers for teeth whitening.

Dr. Milan can help you determine if Lumineers are the right fit for your needs. Give us a call at (248) 644-2136 to schedule your consultation.

Are Lumineers Better Than Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening can be highly effective for stain removal, but it cannot address all stains. Some clients have dark dentin below their enamel that most teeth whitening processes cannot penetrate. This is why Lumineers are popular for teeth whitening, because they cover up the stains that won’t come out. They can also correct gaps, alignment issues and overlapping teeth to create a straighter, whiter smile.

If you’re traveling to get Lumineers for teeth whitening near Franklin MI, we can arrange accommodations for you at the nearby Townsend Hotel. This is a short walk from our office, and it provides the perfect place to rest after your smile makeover. Contact us at (248) 644-2136 to learn more.

Visit Our Teeth Whitening Spa near Franklin MI

Whether you want professional-grade dental bleaching at home or Lumineers for teeth whitening, our luxury teeth whitening spa has a solution for you. We offer state-of-the-art whitening solutions using cutting-edge techniques.

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