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You Deserve a Healthy, Beautiful Smile!

Many people struggle with the appearance of their smiles. This could be due to poor dental care over the years or other issues such as gapped teeth or teeth that are crowded or yellow.

Our smile can be thought of as our billboard – and when you want to hide it, it can be cause for low self-esteem.

But the good news is in today’s advanced dental world, there are many solutions to restore your teeth to optimal health and appearance

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You should love your smile

Loving your smile is what we want for you.

Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry is proud to offer a wide array of procedures and treatments that achieve just that. We are specialists in cosmetic, restorative and preventive dentistry. And our patients come from all over the country to receive our care.

As such, we can customize dental solutions unique to you.

From teeth care to gum care, we have the ability to overhaul your smile – with a little TLC or a lot, whichever you need.

Starting with a consultation, Dr. Milan takes are to listen to your concerns. We can recommend solutions that not every dentist office offers. Our holistic approach ensures your comfort and takes into consideration your lifestyle and budget.

Additionally, we take the time to educate patients on what they can do on their own to optimize their oral health. This is key to the whole process!

If you are searching for the latest in dental care – we have you covered.

Prioritize your oral health

We would love for you to see why so many people rely on Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry as their trusted dentist office in metro Detroit.

Led by Dr. Mitchell Milan, a highly recognized dentist, our office is serene and advanced. And our dental staff is committed to providing you with the results you seek.

We look forward to hearing from you! Contact us today for your appointment.

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