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Will a Root Canal Fix an Abscess?

An abscessed tooth is a fairly common ailment. It is a pocket filled with pus that forms in various parts of the tooth and is caused by bacterial infection. Often referred to as a dental abscess, it can result in pain that can even radiate down to the ear and neck. Other symptoms include pain when chewing, tooth sensitivity, discolored teeth, fever and bad breath.

Needless to say, it is something that should be taken care of right away, as it can develop into more serious — even life-threatening — conditions. Fortunately, there are ways to treat an abscess in the tooth. And a root canal is one such treatment. Keep reading to learn more.

Treating an abscessed tooth

When your dentist treats your abscessed tooth, the goal is to clear the infection while also relieving pain. Typically, this will begin with an X-ray to determine where the infection lies. Then, the best course of treatment is decided based on the severity of the condition.

Treatment options for an abscessed tooth include draining the infection by making a small cut in the abscess, draining the pus and cleaning the affected area. Other treatments include a root canal that may involve placing a crown on your tooth for added strength. In some cases, extraction of the tooth is necessary if it is damaged beyond salvation. And if the infection has spread, you may be given antibiotics to clear up the infection. A dental exam will determine the right treatment for you

Root canal procedure in metro Detroit

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