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Why Your Mouth is Directly Linked to Your Overall Wellness

Keeping a clean, healthy mouth is key to oral wellness, of course.

But did you know that your mouth can be a window of sorts to your wellness overall? That’s right, the health of your teeth, in addition to your gums and your mouth can certainly affect the health of your body.

Read on for more.

Clues to your body’s health lie in your mouth

Acting as a window to your wellness, your mouth and body are intricately connected.

Your mouth is a place where bacteria can fester if not properly cared for. And though most of these bacteria can be harmless, your mouth leads directly to the respiratory and digestive tracts and disease can form if bacterial travels here.

If good oral health – like brushing and flossing twice daily and seeing the dentist bi-annually – is not practiced, you not only run the risk of cavities and gum disease, but you also run the risk of the following more serious conditions:

Endocarditis – an infection in the lining of the heart valves and chambers, which happens when bacteria from various parts of your body spread into the bloodstream

Pneumonia. – mouth bacteria can get into the lungs, thus causing respiratory diseases and pneumonia

Cardiovascular disease – some research indicates that stroke, clogged arteries and heart disease are linked to inflammation caused by oral bacteria

Your best bet in protecting yourself against the aforementioned is good preventative dental care. If you feel your dental care habits are not up to par, you should see Dr. Milan right away for a checkup and exam.

Dr. Milan Birmingham Michigan

As a leader in the industry, Dr. Mitchell Milan prides himself on staying ahead of the curve in dentistry. This means that his office always offers the height of dental treatments using the latest advanced equipment and techniques.

As a result, we are able to provide you with fantastic results, a comfortable treatment and a quick appointment. A win-win-win!

If you are in need of a specific dental procedure of even simply wish to learn how you can get your teeth and gums healthier, please call us today. We are eager to share our expertise and aid you in achieving your very best oral health and wellness.

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