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Why Your Gums are Red and Sore

We all know that taking care of our teeth is important. But how about your gums? Do you notice when they aren’t in tip-top shape? Maybe you experience gum pain or bleeding while brushing, or perhaps your gums appear red in color or even swollen.

These are all symptoms that shouldn’t be ignored. Learn more about what these signs may mean and how to ensure your gums remain their healthiest below.

Gum health 101

Gums are chocked full of blood vessels, of which bring oxygen to the tooth roots and other areas of the mouth. As such, your gums play an integral role in your oral health. Healthy gums are light pink in color, smooth and tight across the tooth, and free of bleeding, swelling and pain.

Signs that gums need care include bleeding while brushing or flossing, displaying a darker pink or red color, pain and discomfort and a look of being “rolled” across the teeth.

Gum swelling, redness and bleeding are not normal and are signs of unhealthy gums and, perhaps, additional issues like gum disease. However, if addressed early, you can reverse gum damage and restore your gums to a healthy state.

Causes of gum issues can include something as simple as brushing and flossing too hard, to more serious things like mouth ulcers, hormonal changes, infections, malnutrition or even misaligned teeth. If any of the aforementioned symptoms are present, you should see your dentist right away. Your dentist can determine the root cause and recommend proper treatment.

Treatment and prevention

The best solution to treating your gums is to keep them healthy before issues begin. This means brushing and flossing twice a day (not too aggressively), eating a nutritious diet, drinking an adequate amount of water, getting proper sleep and, of course, visiting your dentist twice a year at minimum for your dental cleaning and checkup.

If you are, in fact, diagnosed with gum disease, rest assured that Dr. Milan is here to help. With advanced dental treatments, he can utilize processes like tissue grafting and the Pinhole Surgical Technique (a highly intricate procedure done by very few dentists) to help with restoring gums and treating receding gums. A consultation will determine the best course of treatment for you.

Your metro Detroit cosmetic dentist

Dr. Milan is proud to be one of Michigan’s top dentists and cosmetic dentists — an accomplishment he has earned over his 20-year career. His list of patients is extensive, and his offering of services is broad.

With a focus on not only preventative dentistry, Dr. Milan is an expert cosmetic dentist in Michigan. He has had the pleasure of helping people across metro Detroit, the state and the country get the smiles they deserve and can be proud of. From professional teeth whitening to the Pinhole Surgical Technique for gums to Invisalign Invisible Braces and so much more, Dr. Milan can help you achieve a healthy, straight and white smile for years to come.

If you are experiencing any tooth or gum issues, don’t wait any longer. We are here to help you. Contact Dr. Milan’s office today for your appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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