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Why Your Gums are Red and Sore Lately

When you think of good oral health, you probably think of healthy teeth. And while teeth wellness is essential, it’s important to consider your gums, as well.

Many people, at one point or another, find themselves with red, inflamed gums that are sore and even bleed. This issue, though common, can be cause for concern.

Read on for more on what poor gum health can contribute to and how you can prevent it.

Gum health is essential to oral health

When gums become swollen, sore and red, it is typically a sign of something deeper going on.

This could be a symptom of gum disease, gingivitis or periodontitis. The aforementioned all begin with the presence of plaque and bacteria that has built up. This can be caused by poor oral hygiene and bacteria that gets lodged between teeth, caused tissue to become inflamed.

When the conditions progress, gums become swollen and you may notice bleeding while eating, brushing or flossing. Gum recession may also occur.

Other signs your gums are becoming swollen may include improper fitting dentures or partials, shifting of the teeth, loose teeth, bad breath and pockets located between gums and teeth.

The best course of action is to contact us if you feel your gums are in need of attention or that something is off. A professional dental cleaning removes hard-to-reach bacterial and plaque and can identify further courses of action.

Additionally, to prevent gums from becoming inflamed, be sure you are flossing daily, drinking adequate amounts of water, eating a balanced diet and, of course, brushing your teeth at least twice a day.

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