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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore a Toothache

Many of us have been there: Taking a bite of food and you feel a sharp stinging in your tooth. Or maybe you’ve had a consistent dull throbbing in a tooth for some time.

Though seemingly minor, a toothache could be more than just an annoyance. It could be a precursor to a more serious dental issue. Identifying the cause of your toothache early on is key to keeping the condition from worsening.

Read on for more information on why a toothache shouldn’t be ignored.

Decaying tooth

First off, a toothache could potentially be a sign that tooth decay has begun. Many times, this occurs as a result of years of consuming sugar-filled food and beverages. Unless adequately brushed away, some of the sugars remain on the teeth, attracting additional bacteria. This can also be a result of dental hygiene that is not up to par.

Without receiving a filling, decay will progress. This is dangerous because if the decay reaches the gums, gum disease can develop. Further, if ignored long enough, you run the risk of losing your tooth altogether. As such, tooth decay should be treated as soon as possible to avoid additional issues down the road.

Fillings failing

Other times, a toothache is an indication that a previous filling is experiencing an issue of some kind.

When a filling is damaged, you can experience additional decay in the tooth or even run the risk of an infection. In this case, a filling should be repaired as soon as possible.

Tooth sensitivity…but why?

Another possible reason for a toothache is general tooth sensitivity. This issue can occur for a variety of reasons, including grinding of the teeth over a long period of time, receding gums, enamel loss, gingivitis or even excessive over-the-counter teeth whitening.

Most often, there are solutions to the aforementioned. However, it is imperative that you see your dentist right away when the toothache occurs to have the issue treated properly an avoid more pain down the road.

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