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Why You Shouldn’t Delay Your Dentist Appointment

When it comes to maintaining exceptional oral health, most people know that brushing and flossing daily is essential. However, some people delay their bi-annual dental exam and cleaning for various reasons. Though this may seem harmless, the truth is, it can wreak havoc on your mouth when you put off going to the dentist.

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Make your dental cleaning a priority

Many people go to great lengths to keep their health in tiptop shape. However, did you know that your dental health is linked to your body’s overall wellness? Research has long connected the two. Infections in the teeth and mouth can cause your immune system to weaken and leave you more vulnerable to other illnesses. So, when prioritizing your health, be sure to make your dental exam a priority!

What’s more, your dentist appointment can identify potential non-dental issues that could be lurking. The vast majority of health issues have related oral symptoms; thus, your dentist can help detect diseases such as diabetes or osteoporosis early, just to name a few.

Additionally, preventative dental care can protect you against dental emergencies. Your dental cleanings help to keep your teeth strong and healthy and protects them from dental damage. And having tartar and plaque removed also goes a long way to ensure your mouth’s health.

And finally, Dr. Milan and his staff are experts at infection control. Long before the onset of the pandemic, we have adhered to the strictest of health, safety and sanitization protocols to maintain a pristine office environment. After all, our patients are our number one priority.

Dr. Mitchell Milan, Birmingham, MI dentist

Dr. Milan and his team of talented dental professionals have been helping metro Detroiters achieve dental excellence for over 20 years. Some of our patients have come to us thinking their smiles were lost causes. However, there is hardly a case that we cannot treat. In fact, we have restored thousands of smiles back to healthy and beautiful that had severe damage prior.

From restorative to cosmetic to preventive dentistry, and up to total mouth restoration, our service offerings run deep. No matter if you are due for your dental visit or if you need more extensive dental treatments, we can help.

Please call us to schedule an appointment or to learn more. We look forward to serving you and your family!

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