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Why You Should Not Postpone Your Dental Exam

With the busy-ness of everyday life and challenges that affect us all on a world and personal level, there are still things that are important to your health and wellness that should not be delayed, including your dental visit.

Seeing your dentist is key to your health (and pocketbook) in a variety of ways. Read on for more on this.

Preventative care—the many benefits

Preventative dental care is crucial for everyone. Reason being, maintaining healthy teeth and gums as well as identifying any lurking dental issues before they become detrimental can save you both time and money in the long run.

During your exam, Dr. Milan examines your mouth to ensure it is in its best shape. He can recommend additional at-home or in-office care that you may need and also address any tooth or gum damage and any issues that need attention

Preventative care is essential to avoiding pain later on. Many times, oral issues—when left untreated—become painful. For instance, a cavity can easily be treated. But when you ignore your dental care, costly and uncomfortable procedures like a root canal may become necessary.

Further, oral health is directly linked to overall wellness. And, frankly, leaving your oral issues untreated can be dangerous. At times, severe dental issues can lead to major health issues like heart disease, stroke and more. Suffice to say,

It is important to know that Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry’s priority is your care, comfort and safety. COVID precautions are still being followed and our cleanliness and rigorous standards are unmatched.

So…are you ready to schedule your appointment?

Elite Dentistry in Birmingham Michigan

Choosing a dentist is a big decision. And when you choose Dr. Milan, you are selecting decades of experience and skill.

As a leader in the dental industry, his suite of services is more comprehensive than other cookie-cutter dental offices. And his reputation speaks for itself. In fact, patients visit him from far and wide to receive the very best in dental care.

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