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Why Sugar is so Bad for Your Teeth

You likely have heard eating candy and other sugary foods and drinks is bad for your teeth. Typically, it is something we hear from childhood.

But do you know exactly why sugar can harm the teeth? Read on to learn more.

Sugar – what to know when it comes to your teeth

Though eating candy might feel harmless, the truth is, when you consume too much sugar-laden food on a regular basis, your teeth and gums can become susceptible to harm.

Simply put, your mouth is where good and harmful bacteria enter. And when you consume sugar, your mouth is more likely to produce the bad bacteria. The result is that there is more acid in your mouth than saliva can address. These acidic moments can have detrimental effects on your teeth, including the loss of minerals on your enamel, which can cause cavities.

Certain types of mouth bacteria also feed on sugar. When this happens, and when it is not brushed and flossed away, plaque can form. Further, sugar can contribute to gum disease and gingivitis. All of which put your oral health at high risk.

It is important to understand that drinks filled with sugar, such as energy drinks, are also harmful to the teeth and gums when you overindulge.

The best way to protect your mouth is by cutting down on sugary drinks and foods. And, if you do indulge, be sure to brush and floss your teeth afterward. Or, at the very least, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water. And consider enjoying sugar-free gum or treats to satisfy cravings.

Also, be sure to see your dentist every six months for your professional cleaning. This can help remove buildup and plaque before it gets problematic.

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