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Why Extractions are Necessary

Dental extractions are a treatment where one or more teeth are removed from the tooth socket. Though we try to avoid this, if at all possible, sometimes it is necessary for your oral and overall health.

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Why dental extractions?

Our goals are to make sure you have your natural teeth forever – or at least for as long as possible. This is why we recommend visiting us at least twice a year for your in-depth exam and cleaning along with annual X-rays. This can help ensure your teeth stay their healthiest and any potential issues can be addressed.

Your permanent teeth truly are meant to last your whole life. But if a tooth or multiple teeth are damaged beyond repair, extraction may be the only option. This can be a result of tooth decay that is severe and goes to the inside of the tooth pulp. This is dangerous because it can cause infection.

Another reason extractions may be necessary is if periodontal disease is present. This infects the gums and even ligaments and bones around the teeth. When severe, extractions may be required.

Further, if you’ve injured your teeth from an accident of any kind to the point of intense harm, extraction may be the most viable option.

We always want to preserve your natural teeth, but in the case of extractions, we have options for tooth replacement. A consultation can determine the best course of action for you. As always, good dental care at home and seeing us for your routine visits can go a long way in preserving your smile.

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