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Why Some People Have Healthier Smiles Than Others

When it comes to your teeth, are you 100 percent satisfied? Do you ever look at others’ smiles and wonder how or why they have brilliant-looking smiles and yours is lackluster?

Well, there are many reasons this could be the case. Keep reading to learn more.

Genetics and lifestyle

Truth be told, genetics can play a key role in the way our teeth look. Heredity can contribute to teeth that are misshapen, misaligned or even missing. However, most dentists agree that, regardless of genetics, how you care for your teeth and your overall lifestyle play a larger role.

Consuming a healthy, well-balanced diet can certainly help your mouth remain healthy. However, if you are a heavy coffee or tea drinker, a smoker or regularly consume dark-colored sauces, your teeth may show the effects over time. Likewise, if you consume an abundance of sugar, candy and soda, you can experience an excess of plaque buildup, leading to tooth decay.

Some medications, including antibiotics, can cause teeth to become discolored, as can certain fillings. Further, certain pain medications, antacids and antihistamines can lead to dry mouth, cavities and tooth erosion. Additionally, acid reflux can cause enamel loss and tooth decay if it is left untreated.

Of course, a routine of brushing twice daily and flossing once a day is key to maintaining optimum oral health. When we fail to do so, bacteria can build up in the crevices of teeth, leaving you susceptible to decay.

Fortunately, though, Dr. Milan of Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry can help you, even if you are experiencing any of the aforementioned issues.

Dr. Mitchell Milan is here for you

Your smile is nothing to take lightly. And so many people are living with a smile that is less than what they’d like it to be.

As one of the most trusted dentists in Michigan, and one of the most beloved cosmetic dentists in metro Detroit, Dr. Mitchell Milan’s 20-year career has garnered him a loyal following of patients. With a desire to help not only improve your smile, but also, the self-confidence that comes along with it, Dr. Milan has truly transformed even the most challenging of smiles to fully functioning, healthy and gorgeous.

Dr. Milan and his talented staff are proud to offer a wide range of dental and cosmetic dental services. Among these are professional teeth whitening treatments, Invisalign Invisible Braces, the PST Gum Treatment, Lumineers and much more.

You don’t have to live with a smile that’s unhealthy or unappealing. Contact Dr. Milan today to learn more about how to achieve the best smile of your life!

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