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Why Preventive Dentistry Can Save You Money and Future Problems

When it comes to caring for your teeth and gums, do you feel you are up to par? Though unfortunate, many people don’t prioritize their oral health. Some even avoid going to the dentist altogether or put off their six-month checkup and cleaning.

While this may seem like no big deal, the truth is, when you don’t give your mouth the care it needs, you risk running into a litany of issues down the road, many of which can be costly.

Keep reading to learn why preventive dentistry is the key to your mouth’s overall health.

Why preventive dentistry is essential

Everyone, from children to seniors, benefit from preventive dentistry. An essential part of maintaining the healthiest teeth and gums is to take steps to avoid any dental issues in the first place. This is accomplished by keeping your teeth healthy rather than treating them once they become unhealthy.

One non-negotiable way to maintaining optimum oral health is visiting the dentist every six months, at a minimum. Not only does the thorough cleaning keep your smile sparkling, your gums healthy and your breath fresher, Dr. Milan can identify any potential issues before they become serious by way of X-rays and an oral exam.

When you care for your teeth properly and attend your dentist appointments, you help to avoid issues like cavities, periodontal disease and enamel erosion. If cavities go untreated, for example, they can become painful and you run the risk of extensive tooth decay, which can eventually lead to tooth loss. Further, when your mouth isn’t in its best shape, you could have bad breath and may not even realize it!

Other, more serious issues, like oral cancer can be easily detected during your dental visit. Dr. Milan can identify any lesions or lumps that could indicate oral cancer. As such, your dental visit can truly be lifesaving.

Good oral health doesn’t end at the dentist office, though. At home, you can keep up your dental health regimen by brushing twice a day and flossing daily to keep bacteria at bay. Additionally, eating a well-balanced diet can further enhance your mouth’s health.

It’s important to understand that most dental issues can be avoided through proper preventive care. And, in addition to being painful, some dental issues can cost you money, as not all in-depth treatments are covered by dental insurance. Suffice to say preventive dentistry is vital to not only your health, but your pocketbook.

Esteemed Birmingham dentist

Dr. Mitchell Milan of Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry has been serving people in Birmingham and the surrounding area for over two decades. His name is synonymous with reliability and results and his patients are consistently pleased with the exceptional level of service they receive from Dr. Milan and his staff.

As an expert in preventive, restorative, advanced and cosmetic dentistry, he is well-equipped to handle any and all of your and your family’s dental needs. His impressive resume includes an elite education and rigorous training and his dental office is state-of-the-art. However, his compassion and kindness are what repeatedly stand out to his patients.

Whether you’re due for your six-month cleaning and checkup or if you are in need of in-depth dental work, contact Dr. Milan today for your appointment. He and his team look forward to helping you get your best smile.

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