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Why mouth sores appear and when to see a dentist

Mouth sores or abnormalities can crop up from time to time. Things like spicy food, a virus, or even stress can cause them to show up and typically they will simply go away on their own within a few days.

However, there are some instances when you should see your dentist to evaluate a mouth sore, as it could mean something more serious. Keep reading to learn more.

A sore that gets larger over time

If you have a mouth sore such as a canker sore, and it appears to be getting bigger rather than minimizing in size, you should see your dentist. The reason is, it could be an infected canker sore or cut, which can cause other issues if not treated. An antibiotic and pain medication may be necessary for this instance, along with an exam to ensure gum issues are not present.

A sore and more pain

If you have pain in other areas of the mouth – such as the tongue or throat, then you should see your dentist as soon as possible as this can be a sign of other, more serious issues in need of treatment. Your dentist can identify the cause of the sore as well as what may be causing additional pain—or whether you should seek additional medical attention.

Bad breath is lingering

If you have a mouth sore that is accompanied by bad breath, this could be a sign that bacteria are present. And if you wait to seek dental care, you run the risk of an infection getting worse.

As always, prevention is the best treatment. So, be sure you are maintaining your at-home dental care as well as getting your dental exam and cleaning every six months at a minimum.

A dentist you can trust

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