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Who Should Wear a Night Guard?

Do you find yourself clenching your teeth at night? Or even waking up with a headache or jaw pain as a result?

This is known as bruxism, and it affects many people.  Keep reading for more on this important topic.

Do you need a night guard?

Bruxism can be brought on by genetics and even psychological and physical factors. And it may present itself as grinding and/or clenching. Typically, it happens when you’re sleeping or under stress.

As time goes on, bruxism can cause damage to your teeth and the enamel, in addition to disrupting sleep and headaches and pain in the neck, jaw and face.

To keep clenching at bay, a custom night guard from Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry may be right for you. A night guard can look like teeth whitening trays and you place it over your teeth just as you would if you were using trays for whitening. It essentially acts as a cushion between the upper and lower teeth and shields teeth from damage.

Many people find a night guard remedies bruxism and offers more restful sleep and health. It can also ensure your jaw is properly aligned.

A custom night guard is more effective than over-the-counter versions as it is completely customized to your mouth and will usually last longer because it is fabricated from high-quality materials.

Further, to help stop teeth clenching, it is wise to cut down on caffeine, stop smoking and implement relaxation techniques into your life.

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