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Which Dental Veneer is Best for You?

Have you been hiding your smile for too long? Do you shy away from photos because your teeth are crooked, broken or even severely yellowed? Well, you don’t have to any longer.

Dental veneers are a highly effective solution to a myriad of teeth concerns. What’s more, veneers are a long-term solution that stay intact, strong and white for years to a lifetime.

But which option is right for you? Keep reading to learn more.

Three types of dental veneers to choose from

Dr. Milan’s office is pleased to offer a customized approach to dental veneer treatment. As such, he offers three different dental veneer options so patients can choose which is the best for them. These include porcelain veneers, composite veneers and LUMINEERS.

Porcelain veneers, which are also referred to as laminates, can correct your smile for literally decades or even for life. This option is made of a thin porcelain material that is crafted to a tooth shape that is natural in color and bonded to your tooth’s surface. Porcelain veneers are resistant to stains and offer a permanently beautiful smile where teeth were once less than perfect.

Dr. Milan also offers composite veneers. These are a great option if you are looking to fix your smile at a lower price tag. Composite veneers can be done fast and also offer a shade that is customizable. However, this type of veneer is not stain resistant like porcelain veneers and is not permanent but can last upwards of 10 years.

And third, Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry offers the advanced veneer option called LUMINEERS. This state-of-the-art treatment is virtually pain-free and rejuvenates your teeth without any shaving or grinding. It can even be placed over crowns or bridgework and LUMINEERS are a permanent solution for restoring your smile.

As always, your treatment plan begins with an in-depth consultation to determine which route is right for you and Dr. Milan will even take the time to create a mode of your potential veneer in order for you to see what your results will look like.

Veneers in Birmingham, MI

When it comes to your smile, you should accept nothing but the highest level of care. Dr. Milan of Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry is one of the most experienced and sought-after dentists in not only Michigan, but the country.

He specializes in not only dental veneers, but a host of cosmetic, restorative, advanced and preventative dental procedures that go beyond the norm. For teeth that are in need of a bit of TLC to a smile that requires intense dental care, Dr. Milan has rejuvenated thousands of smiles over his 20-year career. His skill level is simply unmatched, which is why the majority of his patients come to him by word of mouth from other satisfied patients.

Dr. Milan takes extraordinary pride in not only restoring your teeth to optimum health, but also your confidence. He is known for his expertise in the science and art of dentistry, his gentle touch and his compassionate nature, all of which are why patients continue to turn to Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry for all of their dental needs.

Please contact our Birmingham dentist office to schedule your appointment. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

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