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When to Call the Dentist…or go to the ER

Sudden pain in your tooth or mouth can be concerning and bothersome. Sometimes, it can come out of nowhere. Other times, an injury may cause it.

Regardless, it is important to understand when you should see the dentist or head to the emergency room. Read on for more.

What to do about mouth pain?

It can be confusing to know what to do when a mouth issue occurs. And the number of people who chose the ER over the dentist has risen substantially, according to the ADA.

Whether it is due to being after hours or not having dental insurance, in many cases, emergency rooms may not have the proper training and equipment to treat a dental issue. And though an ER physician may be able to diagnose a mouth issue and offer pain relief options, they may still suggest you see the dentist afterward, depending on the problem.

Emergencies like trauma to the face, mouth, or jaw, or even dislocations, are situations when you would want to head to the hospital.

On the other hand, cracking a tooth while eating or getting a tooth knocked out are instances that can likely wait for the dentist as long as there is not a substantial amount of bleeding. Likewise, pain from an abscessed tooth that is not hindering swallowing can also wait to be seen by the dentist.

As always, contact us right away if you have a dental emergency or issue. And when in doubt, contact your medical provider to learn more.

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