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When bad breath is more than a nuisance

Everyone experiences bad breath from time to time, whether upon waking or after eating pungent foods like garlic or onions. However, for some people, bad breath is chronic.

Bad breath can be more than a frustration, however. Keep reading to learn more.

When is bad breath a cause for concern?

For those with chronic bad breath, it can often impact their lives by causing social anxiety. In fact, one study found that bad breath that is severe can make people two times as dissatisfied with their own oral health.

While most of the time it is harmless and mostly caused by poor oral hygiene, there are certain times that chronic bad breath – also known as halitosis — can be indicative of a larger issue going on.

For instance, bad breath can occur as a result of dry mouth or gum disease. In more serious cases, it can be a symptom of head or neck cancer, GERD, tonsil stones, diabetes or kidney or liver disease.

If you are concerned with bad breath, it is important to see Dr. Milan to determine if it is, indeed, halitosis. Then, we can discuss treatment options with you to help alleviate it, including various mouth rinses or oral hygiene treatment options. At-home care is essential to keeping bad breath at bay also.

However, if bad breath is a symptom of something else happening in the body, your healthcare provider will need to diagnose and treat you.

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Dr. Milan has expertise in not only preventative dentistry, but also cosmetic, restorative and advanced dentistry – including full mouth rehabilitation. So, there is hardly a dental issue he cannot treat.

If you are concerned about bad breath or a different dental issue, or if you simply want to be treated by a renowned dentist and dental team, we invite you to contact us today. We are eager to help you achieve the best and healthiest smile of your life!

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