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What’s on Your Dental Wish List?

Did you know that studies repeatedly indicate that your smile is one of the first characteristics others notice about you upon meeting? Further, some even go as far as to associate a nice, white smile with one’s success.

However, many people simply do not have a smile that they are proud of. And it’s unfortunate since there are an abundance of solutions available in today’s ever-advancing dental and cosmetic dental industry.

Dr. Mitchell Milan of Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry is proud to offer an array of solutions for nearly any smile issue.

A better, healthier smile

When it comes to addressing concerns with your teeth and gums, most people don’t realize that some of today’s most advanced treatments are relatively fast and painless.

Dr. Milan is highly trained in the latest dental procedures that offer both aesthetic and health benefits. With an eye for the appearance of the mouth, teeth and gums, his knowledge and expertise involve not only the science behind cosmetic dentistry, but also the art of creating beautiful, fully-functioning smiles.

Always maintaining the highest standards in his state-of-the-art practice, Dr. Milan and his team can restore your smile with a variety of procedures.

If your concern is yellowing or dull-looking teeth, professional teeth whitening may be for you. For those looking to discreetly straighten their teeth, Dr. Milan offers Invisalign Invisible Braces. And for missing, chipped, gapped or teeth that are misshapen, veneers may be the solution you’re looking for.

Additionally, many people have receding gums that not only hinder the look of their smile but also create sensitivity and bacteria buildup, which can damage the bone structure of the teeth. The Pinhole Surgical Treatment (also known as the PST treatment or lunchtime gum lift) was invented by John Chao and few Michigan dentists are trained in this elite procedure. Dr. Milan, however, is.

Prior to this treatment, receding gums could only be treated invasively. The PST Gum Treatment is an immediate way to repair receding gums through the use of collagen strips that are placed where the gums have receded, encouraging self-healing. This is done through tiny entry points in the tissue of the gums. The treatment is minimally invasive and involves minimal downtime.

Further, Dr. Milan’s Birmingham, Michigan dentist office offers gum disease treatment, solutions for bad breath and worn teeth as well as the highly-acclaimed Snap on Smile, among other treatments.

Dr. Milan always takes an approach of customization for each patient he sees. He realizes that every smile is different and so should be every treatment.

It starts with a consultation

If you’re eager to achieve a better looking and healthier smile, the first step in learning more about the options available begins with a free consultation with Dr. Milan. During this appointment, he will take care to listen to all of your concerns and share information on the treatments that can best help you achieve a beautiful and healthy smile.

Dr. Milan has been servicing the metro Detroit’s dental and cosmetic dental needs for over 20 years. As such, he is a staple in the dental industry and patients come to see him from all over the state and country because of his unique expertise and ability to deliver unmatched results.

As an expert in cosmetic dentistry, along with preventative, advanced and restorative dental treatments, there is hardly a smile that he cannot rejuvenate. Even if some or all of your teeth are missing, there are solutions that may help.

Don’t wait any longer wishing for a smile you can be proud of. Contact Dr. Milan today for your consultation.

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