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What You Need to Know About Mouth Cancer

Cancer is a disease that affects millions of people. And though it may get little attention or thought, mouth cancer can be just as deadly as other, more common cancers. In fact, well over 50,000 cases of mouth cancer are diagnosed each year. Of this number, nearly 20 percent of people will die from it.

This is why it’s important to learn about and heed warning signs and as well as preventative measures of mouth cancer. Continue reading for more.

What exactly is mouth cancer and what causes it?

Mouth cancer is a type of cancer that occurs in any part of the mouth or oral cavity. This includes the lips, tongue, gums, cheek lining, roof of mouth and mouth floor (area under the tongue). Mouth cancer is also sometimes referred to as oral cancer or even oral cavity cancer. It is grouped under the category of head and neck cancer, which can be treated in a similar way.

Symptoms of mouth cancer can include mouth sores that don’t go away (including on the lip), white or red patches inside of the mouth, growths inside of the mouth, mouth or ear pain, difficulty swallowing and even loose teeth. However, symptoms can also be challenging to spot, which is why visiting your dentist regularly is crucial.

Cancer of the mouth forms when the cells in the mouth or on the lips change in DNA. These abnormal cells can eventually form tumors and can spread to the head and neck or other parts of the mouth.

Factors that increase risk of developing mouth cancer include tobacco use, excessive alcohol use, excessive exposure to the sun and HPV (human papillomavirus). As such, it goes without saying, that your best bet in prevention is to quit tobacco and drink in moderation, along with using adequate SPF on your lips. However, visiting your dentist is equally as important.

Dr. Mitchell Milan, Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry

If you are experiencing a mouth issue, or even if you are simply due for your six-month dental checkup, Dr. Milan is here for you.

Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry is a premier dentist office in Birmingham, Michigan and specializes not only in general dentistry but also cosmetic dentistry in Michigan as well as restorative dentistry in metro Detroit.

With elite service offerings, Dr. Milan can truly take your mouth to its height of health. Further, he can provide services that will enhance your confidence, such as teeth whitening in southeast Michigan, Invisalign in metro Detroit, and even high-caliber gum treatments.

However, most importantly, his exams include thorough oral cancer screenings which include identifying any potential issue that may not be apparent to you. Because the key to oral health is early detection and treatment.

Please contact Dr. Milan to learn more.  He and his staff look forward to serving you.

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