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What You Can Do Now to Avoid Losing Your Teeth Down the Road

For many people, tooth loss is all too real. And losing one, multiple or all of your teeth can not only impact one’s confidence, but also overall oral health.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take now to ensure your oral health and teeth are in tiptop shape for life! Keep reading to learn more.

All about prevention

Proper oral hygiene is the most important factor in keeping your teeth and gums in their best health. Because if tooth decay or gum issues develop, your oral health can decline quickly.


It is key to brush your teeth twice daily minimum (and floss daily). Remember not to brush too aggressively, which can harm gums. Brush in circles—front to back and the top of each tooth—for two to three minutes.


Choosing toothpaste with fluoride is important as fluoride helps stave off tooth decay and keep teeth strong. Fluoride is part of an element that comes from soil and can also help prevent cavities.

Get to the dentist

And if you’ve been putting off that six-month dental exam…schedule it as soon as possible!

Experts say that you should visit the dentist bi-annually at minimum. This serves more of a purpose than to keep your teeth shiny and white.

During your exam, your teeth are cleaned thoroughly in places brushing alone can’t reach while also removing hardened tartar and plaque. Your dentist will also examine your entire mouth for any problems or issues that may be lurking. Further, your mouth will be X-rayed for cavities.

Stop smoking

If you smoke, you should quit. Not only for your oral health but for your overall health. Smoking not only presents a bad odor in the breath and yellows teeth, but it also weakens the immune system, making compromised tissues of the mouth difficult to heal.

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