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What to do When a Dental Crown Falls Out

Dental crowns are used to restore your tooth or implant. They act as a cap and often are needed when a tooth is decayed or even broken. Crowns are fabricated to look just like a natural tooth and are placed over the affected tooth area or the whole tooth itself. Crowns help to prevent additional damage and strengthen your tooth. Further, they offer a nice appearance to a once lackluster tooth.

Dr. Milan has been an expert in dental crowns for over 20 years and has placed literally thousands of them for his patients. It’s key to know that everyone’s dental needs are different, therefore, the solutions Dr. Milan provides are customized.

Offering traditional crowns made of porcelain and also the highly advanced Cerec One-Visit Crowns, Dr. Milan can create a smile you can be proud of and one that is strong and healthy. The beauty of dental crowns is that they are just like natural teeth — simply brush and floss as you normally would.

However, sometimes these crowns can come loose or pop out due to injury or even biting on a piece of food. If this happens, there are specific actions you should take.

What to do if your crown falls out

When a crown comes loose or falls out altogether, not only can it be worrisome, it can also be painful as your exposed tooth can be sensitive to cold and hot foods as well as to chewing and even to air!

If the crown is swallowed (and this can happen), typically it will pass with no issue. If you have the crown, it needs to be reattached by Dr. Milan.

Upon finding the crown, clean it gently with your toothbrush, as well as the clean your exposed tooth. Then, you should call Dr. Milan immediately for an appointment to help avoid further tooth damage. While you wait, if you have your crown, try to place it back on the tooth at hand using dental cream or toothpaste. Your tooth is fragile, so this step is key. And if your tooth feels sensitive, over the counter topical pain reliever for teeth can be applied.

To prevent crowns from coming loose, you should take care to maintain excellent oral health habits. Further, if you play contact sports or grind your teeth, consider a mouthguard and bite plate. Dr. Milan can help with this, as well.

Dental crowns in Birmingham, MI

As a leading cosmetic dentist in Michigan, Dr. Milan takes his patients’ dental health very seriously. Having cared for, corrected and restored countless smiles over the course of his career, he takes extraordinary pride in helping people achieve not only their healthiest smiles, but their most beautiful. After all, everyone deserves to feel confident in themselves…and a smile is a key component.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency or simply wish to explore the height of dental care, call our office now. We look forward to serving you.

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