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What To Do If Your Teeth Are Worn

For many people, worn teeth can present itself for a variety of reasons. In fact, teeth wear is a very common issue that may occur simply from aging or other reasons like teeth grinding (also known as bruxism), consuming foods and beverages high in acid, a misaligned bite, and even issues like acid reflux or bulimia.

Worn teeth can lead to misshapen teeth and even jaw pain or TMJ. However, it’s important to know that there are treatments to remedy worn teeth and the root cause, and Dr. Milan can help.

Treatment of worn teeth

How are you to know if your teeth are wearing? Here are some common telltale signs:

  • Teeth are jagged
  • Teeth display chips or cracks
  • Teeth have become shorter
  • Sensitivity is present (particularly when consuming cold or hot food)
  • Worn enamel causes teeth to appear yellow
  • Changes in your bite
  • Filling or crown issues

Worn teeth can put you at risk of tooth decay as well as cause an uneven bite or even changes to your facial appearance in some cases. If you are experiencing worn teeth, the first step is to see a Michigan dentist who specializes in dentistry and cosmetic dentistry who can properly assess and diagnose the cause and offer effective treatment options.

Sometimes, simply changing your diet could help put an end to the issue. However, other cases require more in-depth treatment. For example, if the enamel of your teeth is severely damaged, you may require some extent of mouth rehabilitation to rebuild your teeth. Veneers or crowns can be effective solutions. Dr. Milan can also configure a mouthguard that is custom-made for you and that can help prevent nighttime grinding of the teeth. These solutions can restore your comfort, as well as the functionality and appearance of your teeth.

A dentist you can rely on

Choosing a dentist is a very important decision and Dr. Milan of Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry is proud to be a choice dentist in metro Detroit.

As a longstanding expert in dentistry and cosmetic dentistry in Birmingham, Michigan, Dr. Milan’s service offerings (and results) are on par with some of the most elite dentists in New York and Los Angeles. His unique expertise in intricate cosmetic dental services sets him apart from others, while his compassionate and caring nature are what consistently bring him referrals from happy patients.

Dr. Milan and his staff are highly experienced in treating and restoring worn teeth as well as rejuvenating some of the most challenging mouth issues (even missing teeth). Dr. Milan takes immense pride in these transformations, which can also be lifechanging in terms of one’s confidence and daily life.

It’s time to get the smile you deserve. Please contact Dr. Milan today to learn more about your dental options.

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