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What to do if a Tooth Gets Chipped or Knocked Out

There are various occasions that a tooth may run the risk of becoming cracked or knocked out of socket, including chewing hard candy or ice, or playing contact sports.

And while no one can predict a dental emergency, it is wise to be aware of the actions you should take if you ever find yourself in the situation of a cracked tooth or a tooth that gets knocked out.

Read on for more on this important topic.

Recommended steps for a chipped tooth

Suddenly chipping a tooth can be cause for alarm since it is unexpected. However, if you experience trauma to the mouth resulting in a chipped or cracked tooth, here are the steps you should take immediately:

-Rinse your mouth with water

-Apply pressure to any areas of bleeding (if bleeding is excessive, call for help)

-Apply cold compress to areas of swelling or pain

-Take over-the-counter pain reliever to easy any discomfort

-Call us as soon as possible to schedule treatment

There are a variety of options for treating a chipped tooth, depending on the case. These include a dental filling, crown, veneer or implant, as well as a dental bridge or root canal.

Recommended steps for a tooth that is knocked out

In the case of a tooth that is knocked out, time is of the essence. If a tooth is put back into the socket within minutes, chances are it can be saved. Here are some steps you should take in this situation:

-If you still have the tooth, do not touch the root, only the tooth’s surface

-Rinse your tooth if it is dirty, no scrubbing

-Place the tooth back in socket right away

-If placing back in socket is not an option, go to the dentist immediately or the emergency room

-In the meantime, place the tooth in a small dish of milk or in the mouth close to the cheek to keep its root moist

If the tooth cannot be salvaged, a denture, bridge or implant are possible treatments. If the tooth can be salvaged, it can be splinted into place for two weeks. After two weeks, it will be examined to see if it has been implanted properly.

Preventative measures

Keeping your teeth strong and healthy is key to avoiding any dental issue. And, of course, wearing protective facial gear when playing sports can go a long way to protect your smile.

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