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What is Advanced Dentistry?

For many people, their dental needs go far beyond six-month cleanings and exams. Some people have oral health issue that need specific in-depth dental care. This is where advanced dentistry comes in.

Maybe you’ve heard of advance dental procedures or maybe you think you may be a candidate for one or more such procedures. Keep reading to learn more about Dr. Milan and Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry’s suite of advance dental treatments.

Advanced dentistry with you in mind

Everyone’s dental concerns and needs are unique. And that is why advanced dental procedures are customizable.

Worn teeth can put you at risk for cavities or even tooth loss. If your teeth are worn, Dr. Milan offers various treatments to strengthen and rebuild them, including porcelain overlays or crowns. He can even manufacture a mouthguard to prevent further damage.

For those whose gums aren’t in ideal health, Dr. Milan is happy to offer periodontal therapy, gum grafting and even the highly advanced Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST) for gums, which treats gum recession without the use of sutures or incisions.

And finally, Dr. Milan can even perform full mouth rehabilitation for people whose teeth need intense care to return to fully functioning. He has performed this on a wide variety of patients and has garnered amazing results.

Full mouth rehabilitation involves extensively modifying or replacing the teeth and may include full mouth bridges and crowns or dental implants. Through advanced diagnosis and skill, Dr. Milan’s patients are repeatedly ecstatic with the dramatic results they attain through these procedures both from a health and aesthetic perspective.

As always, Dr. Milan offers the safest sedation dentistry options for your comfort and relaxation during your treatment.

Dr. Milan is here for your dental needs

With expertise in advanced dentistry in Michigan, as well as cosmetic dentistry and preventative dentistry in metro Detroit, Dr. Milan takes a customized approach to each patients’ dental health.

As a leading cosmetic dentist with years of accolades under his belt, Dr. Milan’s life’s work has been devoted to helping advance the dental industry along with providing state-of-the-art dental procedure to even the most difficult of patient cases. To him, there is nothing more rewarding than restoring someone’s smile (and confidence) back to its optimum form.

If you would like to learn more about advanced dentistry options or simply would like to talk about your dental health concerns, please contact Dr. Milan’s dental practice for further information.

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