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What Do You Risk by Putting Off Your Dental Visit?

Though it’s common knowledge that you should be seeing your dentist every six months for your dental cleaning and checkup, the truth is, some people just don’t.

Whether it’s a lack of time, more pressing obligations or simply not wanting to go, there are risks associated with putting off your dental visit. Keep reading to learn more about these risks.

Making time for your dental health

Though we all live busy lives, it’s key to keep your dentist appointments twice-annually (or more often) for reasons that go beyond maintaining a gleaming smile.

Your dental cleaning, which involves removing plaque and tartar, helps to ensure your teeth and gums are in the best condition possible. During your appointment, Dr. Milan is equipped to identify any issues or potential issues on the rise that begin in your mouth, many of which may show no symptoms.

For example, he can see any small cavities that are lurking and inflammation in the gums, which may indicate a bigger issue. Even potential health concerns like Celiac disease and diabetes can display symptoms in the mouth.

Suffice to say, your dental visit is vital for a plethora of reasons.

Dr. Milan can’t stress enough that, by keeping up with your dental visits, you are saving potentially hundreds or even thousands of dollars on more in-depth treatment down the road.

Most dental issues can be resolved when they are addressed and treated right away. However, something seemingly minor, like a toothache, for example, can lead to infection, tooth damage and even tooth loss if left untreated. Not only does treatment become more painful, it becomes more expensive the more you prolong it.

Dr. Milan and his staff are here to help you. And we are pleased to offer flexible hours and a variety of payment methods to help make your visit as easy as possible.

Dr. Mitchell Milan, Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Milan is a trusted resource when it comes to dentistry and cosmetic dentistry in southeast Michigan.

With a successful practice in Birmingham that spans over 20 years, Dr. Milan’s reputation is one of compassion and experience that are truly unmatched. His elite education and unique skill when it comes to the art of dentistry are what set him apart from other dentists in the area (and around the country).

As a premier general and cosmetic dentist, he prides himself on offering the latest advanced esthetic and dental services that allow him to create and maintain beautiful, natural-looking smiles for his patients.

Offering services that run the gamut — from dental implants to invisible braces to gum disease treatment and everything in between, Dr. Milan’s dental office is comprehensive and well-equipped to treat your smile for life, regardless of its state. In fact, Dr. Milan is highly experienced in total mouth restoration, restoring smiles where some or all teeth were missing.

When you choose Dr. Milan, you’re choosing the best of the best in dentistry and results in which you can be confident.

Do you want to take your dental health to the next level? Contact Dr. Milan’s office today for your appointment.

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