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What Bad Breath Could be Trying to Tell You

Are you concerned your mouth is not as fresh as it could be? Do you worry in close spaces or during conversations your breath may have an odor?

These can be common concerns. And for most, it typically shouldn’t be too worrisome. But for some, bad breath is a very real issue – one that can mean numerous things.

Learn more below.

Bad breath – a symptom of something deeper

Aside from the occasional indulgence in too much garlic or onion, most people don’t deal with bad breath all that much.

But if you’re someone who does, you may wish to know why – and what you can do.

First and foremost, bad oral hygiene can absolutely cause bad breath to surface. If you are not taking proper care of your mouth by brushing at least twice daily and flossing each day, you run the risk of bacteria growing – thus causing bad breath (and a host of other issues). So be sure your oral care is up to par!

Further, though, dry mouth can be a culprit for bad breath. Certain medical conditions and medications can cause the mouth to become dry. Saliva actually cleanses the mouth, so when it’s not produced, you may wish to be sure you’re properly hydrated and even chew sugar free gum to help produce saliva.

What’s more, some health issue can be linked to bad breath. These include not only oral issues like gum disease, but also respiratory infection, diabetes, acid reflux and even kidney disease.

As always, if you are concerned about your mouth or breath, contact us for an appointment. We can help get to the root of the issue or even suggest if you should see your primary care doctor for further evaluation.

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