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What are dental implants and who could benefit from them?

Dental implants are often a good solution for adults missing one or more teeth. Teens whose facial development is complete may also be candidates for dental implants.

Sometimes, due to injury or even tooth decay or infection, teeth must be removed. Fortunately, there are aesthetic solutions with dental implants, which also offer restored health to your mouth.

But are dental implants the solution for you? Read on to learn more.

Dental implants – are they right for you?

Dental implants can be a wise investment in your oral appearance, health, and confidence. In fact, they look, function, and fit just like natural teeth!

Dental implants are helpful to your health in that they protect the facial bones to prevent bone loss, they allow you to eat and drink as you normally would, and they offer easy maintenance.

A dental implant is made of high-quality material that imitates a real tooth. Utilizing a titanium piece that acts as the root of the tooth that is placed in the bone, it supports an implant. Dental implants as teeth replacement solutions are sought after because, when cared for the right way, they can last a lifetime.

If you have one or multiple teeth that are missing or a tooth or teeth that are damaged without the ability to be repaired, dental implants are typically a viable solution. And if you currently have dentures or a bridge, you may wish for a more permanent and convenient solution, like dental implants.

And with today’s dental advancements, most people – even those who have been told in the past they have a bone that is insufficient to support an implant – tend to be candidates for dental implants.

A consultation will determine if dental implants are right for you.

Dental implants in Birmingham, MI

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