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Use Them or Lose Them! Utilize Your Dental Benefits Before End of Year

With the holiday season upon us, many people are busy shopping, decorating, planning parties and even finalizing end-of-year work in the office.

As 2022 wraps up and we look ahead to 2023, it is wise to begin thinking of goals for the New Year. However, don’t forget about your dental health this year!

If you have not scheduled your dental exam, the time is now to do so! Many insurance plans renew in the New Year and if you don’t take advantage of your covered dental cleaning, you are simply wasting money (and compromising your health).

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Benefits that benefit you!

No matter if your dental coverage is with your benefits plan or if you have an FSA, it’s likely your benefits for the year end on Dec. 31. As such, it is wise to call us now to take advantage of the plan you work hard for.

Further, your dental visit is important because prevention is key to avoiding more issues in the future that can hit your pocketbook — and health — hard.

Your cleaning and exam take a deep dive into your oral health and ensures no issues are lurking. And your professional cleaning offers much more than simply brushing at home can to remove tartar, plaque and buildup, which is essential in avoiding cavities and more complex treatments like root canals.

Not to mention, Dr. Milan and his team can offer both in-office and at-home suggestions to help keep your oral health in tip-top shape! We are here to help as part of your wellness team!

Your year-round dentist in metro Detroit

Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry – an elite dentist office in Birmingham, Michigan, offers a suite of complete dental services for you and your family.

We specialize in preventative, restorative and cosmetic dental procedures that allow you to achieve optimal dental health under one roof for life!

As a leading dentist office in southeast Michigan, we are honored to guide you along your dental health journey, offering only the latest and greatest treatments that are comfortable and effective. And we are known for transforming smiles — even the most complex of cases.

Please contact us for your appointment before your benefits end! We look forward to serving you.

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