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Unleash Your Brightness!

Give the gift of a white smile for the holidays and the New Year

When it comes to the holidays, people often pull out all the stops — from the perfect table setting to a fresh haircut, color and style, to an elegant outfit that makes them feel their best.

But when you think of holiday gatherings with loved ones, friends and colleagues, things like eating, drinking and laughing may come to mind…all actions that display our smiles.

How do you feel about your smile? If your teeth could use a little whitening and brightening this season (or a lot!), Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry can help in no time at all. Read on to learn how.

How to get a gleaming white smile

Your smile is one of your most noticeable features. Therefore, you should trust it only to the best.

Though there are many teeth whitening options out there, the truth is that only professional-grade teeth whitening is both safe and effective. Store-bought (and online-purchased) teeth whitening methods can contain harsh chemicals that can harm your teeth’s enamel, cause sensitivity and only offer sub-par results.

Dr. Mitchell Milan’s cosmetic dentistry office in metro Detroit offers two powerful and safe options for teeth whitening. His in-office teeth whitening treatment is fast and the most effective. In just about an hour, your teeth can be up to 10 shades whiter with no discomfort at all!

This treatment starts with a deep teeth cleaning, then the application of a protective solution to your gums. Next, Dr. Milan applies his professional teeth whitening solution. This agent remains on the teeth for several minutes. Once rinsed, your new, whiter teeth are revealed. It’s that easy!

For those wishing to whiten at home, Dr. Milan creates custom trays molded from your teeth for you to use professional whitening gel to achieve desired teeth whiteness over time.

Both are fantastic options to whiten and brighten your teeth while preserving enamel and ensuring long-lasting results.

Professional teeth whitening metro Detroit

Dr. Mitchell Milan of Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry has been transforming the smiles of folks from metro Detroit (and around the state and country) for over 20 years. As such, his name is synonymous with stellar results.

Dr. Milan is proud to offer the height of cosmetic dentistry in Michigan. From teeth whitening options to Invisalign Invisible Braces to veneers and Lumineers and so much more, Dr. Milan can help you achieve your most brilliant smile for the holidays…and years to come.

As a leader in the dental and cosmetic dental industry, Dr. Milan understands the unique needs of his patients’ smiles and realizes that no two sets of teeth are the same. As such, he takes a customized approach to his services in order to provide you with the very best results possible.

Don’t spend one more special event hiding your smile. Contact our office today for your consultation and really have something to smile about this holiday season!

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