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Treatment Options for Worn Teeth

Though not unusual, most people’s teeth experience some element of wearing down over the years. This can be due to aging and other factors.

When worn teeth occur, teeth can appear smaller or darker, they can become weaker, and it can even have an adverse effect on your bite.

Fortunately, there are solutions for worn teeth. Read on for more.

What to do about worn teeth

In addition to everyday wear and tear, teeth can become worn from brushing too hard, consuming acidic foods and drinks, teeth grinding and even acid reflux.

When teeth become worn, issues other than changes in the appearance of teeth can be present. This includes tooth sensitivity, loss of enamel, chipping, issues with fillings and restorations and even infection caused by deterioration.

At Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, we take an individual approach to patients who have worn teeth.

Dental crowns can be an effective treatment option for wearing teeth and involves putting caps on the teeth at hand. Additionally, dental bonding, which involves at tooth-colored material that adheres to tooth imperfections, is a viable solution for some.

But for others, a more comprehensive solution for worn teeth are dental veneers. Veneers not only restore your smile to an appealing aesthetic appearance—including a white and straight smile—but the thin porcelain placed on the teeth replaces the worn natural tooth, restoring its strength and health.  

If your teeth are showing signs of wear, we encourage you to meet with us to determine the best course of treatment for you.

Cosmetic Dentistry in southeast Michigan

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