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Three Dental Issues Not to be Ignored

When it comes to our dental health, sometimes folks tend to ignore symptoms that should, in fact, not be ignored.

Whether this is due to not making dental health a priority, not wanting to visit the dentist or assuming minor issues are nothing to worry about, discounting dental concerns can lead to bigger problems down the road. Read on for more about three dental woes for which you should seek treatment.

Gum changes

Gum issues, like bleeding, swelling or receding of the gums, is not normal. In fact, these symptoms could be indicative of gum disease and even more serious diseases like heart disease. Likewise, if gums are changing in color, this is a sign that something else could be going on, as is unusual secretion coming from the gums.

Lumps and bumps

A healthy mouth is one that is free of bumps and sores. This includes new growths or even canker sores. Any new and unusual lumps or bumps should be seen by a dentist, as it could indicate more serious conditions, even oral cancer.

Painful teeth

Though a toothache is a seemingly minor issue, sometimes it can be more. When your tooth throbs, there’s usually a reason and typically needs dental care. If you are experiencing sensitivity to hot or cold food or beverages or if you have a tooth that is sensitive to touch, you should schedule a dentist appointment, as this could mean that tooth decay is on the horizon.

A compassionate metro Detroit dentist

Dr. Mitchell Milan of Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry had been a staple in the dental industry in Michigan for over 20 years. His lengthy list of accolades combined with his elite education and rigorous training make him one of the most sought-after dentists in Birmingham, metro Detroit and across the Midwest.

Specializing in cosmetic dentistry in Michigan, Dr. Milan offers the very latest and most cutting-edge treatments in cosmetic, preventative, restorative and advanced dentistry. When you choose Dr. Milan, you are choosing the height of dental excellence with a focus on patient education and comfort.

Known for his keen eye when it comes to facial and mouth aesthetics, Dr. Milan’s Birmingham cosmetic dentistry offerings are, in part, a work of art. He has fully restored and recreated smiles that other dentists may have viewed as a lost cause. To him, even the most challenging of cases can be helped.

If you are experiencing any type of dental issue or want to explore how to make your smile the most brilliant and beautiful it’s ever been, please contact Dr. Milan’s office today for your consultation. He and his team are eager to help you look and feel your best.

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