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Think Your Smile is a Total Loss? Think Again!

If your bite is in need of restoration, whether through bridges, crowns, dentures or dental implants, you have found an expert in restorative dentistry in Dr. Milan.

By definition, restorative dentistry is the diagnosis and management of tooth and tooth structure diseases and issues and the rehabilitation back to functional and aesthetic appeasing.

Read on to learn more about the restorative dental treatments at Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry.

What’s your mouth issue?

Dr. Milan’s restorative dental services include crowns, dental implants, porcelain bridges and dentures. Depending on your tooth and mouth issue, one of these could be the solution you’re looking for.

If your teeth are worn, your current fillings and crowns may need replacement. Dr. Milan offers two types of crowns: traditional porcelain and Cerec One-Visit Crowns. Porcelain crowns are created over the course of several appointments whereas the Cerec crowns are done in just one appointment.

Porcelain bridges offer a solution for lost teeth and actually fill the space where your tooth is missing. Dr. Milan is an expert in several types of bridges to fit each patients’ unique needs, whether the missing tooth or teeth is in the front or the side.

Dentures and dental implants are often solutions when many or all teeth have been lost or extracted. Dentures are removable whereas dental implants are attached to your jawbone and are not removable. Your specific mouth condition, lifestyle and budget can help determine which solution is best for you.

We encourage you to call for your consultation if you feel you could benefit any of the aforementioned treatments. These treatments can improve both quality of life and confidence.

Restorative Dentistry Birmingham

When restorative dental treatments in Michigan is what you’re searching for, look no further than Dr. Milan and Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry.

Dr. Milan and his top-notch dental team have been serving the metro Detroit area for over two decades and have become synonymous with results, compassion and experience. As an elite provider of cosmetic and restorative dental treatments, Dr. Milan understand what it takes to achieve oral health and dental excellence.

Many of his patients over the years have come to him frustrated with the appearance of their teeth and even mouth and gum pain. He is proud to have been able to help even the most challenging of cases to transform into fully functioning and beautiful in appearance. To him, these cases are the most rewarding.

If you’d like to learn more about our restorative dentistry in southeast Michigan, call us today.

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