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The Two Most Common Dental Emergencies

We all do our best to maintain great oral health. After all, our teeth and gums are key to our body’s wellness!

But sometimes, something out of the ordinary occurs that forces you to seek dental treatment right away.

Here are two common dental emergencies and what you should do if you find yourself in these predicaments.

Chipped tooth

Maybe you bit into something too hard or perhaps you were even injured during a contact sport, causing your tooth to become chipped.

If this occurs, you should rinse out your mouth immediately and place gauze where bleeding is. A cold compress can also help with pain and swelling. And, of course, avoid biting into hard foods while awaiting care.

To remedy a chipped tooth, Dr. Milan may utilize a filling or bonding, dependent to which tooth is chipped. If it is on a front tooth, a veneer may be your best solution.

Lost filling or crown

Crowns or fillings can rejuvenate your tooth back to its best appearance. But at times, something may cause a filling or crown to fall out.

If this occurs, you should contact Dr. Milan immediately for an appointment. While you wait, be sure you remove the crown or filling completely from your mouth to avoid swallowing or choking on it.

Then, clean the area and fill it (temporarily) with dental cement or dental wax, which can be found at drugstores. This can help seal the tooth until you are able to get in for treatment. However, remember, these are not permanent fixes!

And be sure to brush gently in the area where the piece was, to keep it clean and bacteria-free.

Dr. Milan is here for you!

If you are experiencing a dental emergency – don’t wait! Call our office to schedule an appointment.

Sometimes, people delay dental treatment for fear of pain or even cost. But truth be told, waiting on treatment often results in more pain and a higher bill down the road when your dental issue simply cannot be avoided any longer.

Our caring staff works hard to ensure your comfort and a swift treatment to get your back to 100 percent. Your satisfaction is our priority!

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