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The Purpose of a Porcelain Bridge and How to Properly Care for it

The loss of a tooth can not only be frustrating while eating and talking, it can also pose various dental issues and confidence issues. Many times, people lose a tooth or multiple teeth from an injury. Other times, poor oral health is to blame for tooth loss.

However, there are solutions to tooth loss. Dr. Mitchell Milan of Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry specializes in restorative dentistry and offers treatments to replace lost teeth. Porcelain bridges are one such solution that can help restore your oral health and self-confidence.

Read on for more about porcelain bridges in Birmingham, Michigan.

How do porcelain bridges work?

A porcelain bridge fills the space of the missing teeth or tooth. Bridges are key because when a tooth is missing, your other teeth may shift. This, in turn, can lead to bite issues and problems with the jaw. Essentially, dental bridges help preserve your mouth’s health.

One type of bridge that Dr. Milan specializes in is the porcelain bridge. This popular bridge type is a fixed bridge that is comprised of a filler tooth that he attaches to crowns. The crowns are placed over your teeth and this is what holds your bridge in the correct place. The beauty of this option is that it can last for decades.

Caring for your porcelain bridge is rather simple, yet important.

First, with or without bridges, it is vital to brush your teeth twice a day. This is extra important when you have a bridge because it removes food particles that can lead to bridges wearing down (not to mention cavities and bad breath!).

Flossing your teeth daily is also key for your bridge’s health because it removes trapped bacteria and food from around your crowns. You may even wish to use a water flosser for extra care.

Eating a healthy diet is also of importance for overall mouth health and especially for the health of the crowns anchoring your bridges. So look to minimize sugar!

Of course, seeing Dr. Milan for your dental exam twice a year can ensure your healthiest mouth and the longevity of your porcelain bridge.

Porcelain bridges nearby in Birmingham, MI

As a leading dentist in Michigan specializing in restorative, cosmetic and advanced dentistry, Dr. Milan and his staff are experienced and highly skilled in every dental treatment. This is convenient because patients can keep all of their dental needs under one roof, regardless of the issue and procedure.

Further, Dr. Milan’s metro Detroit dentist office is one of the most advanced around, offering of state-of-the-art procedures, technology and techniques to provide you with fantastic results.

If you’re interested in learning more, we invite you to call Dr. Milan’s office for your  appointment.

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