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The Ins and Outs of a Root Canal

Root canals are a fairly common dental procedure, however, one that is very intricate. When performed correctly, a root canal can relieve you of pain and infection in your teeth. Keep reading for more about this treatment.

What is a root canal?

A bad cavity or even physical trauma can cause damage to a tooth. Many times, this damage causes an exorbitant amount of pain. A root canal is a viable solution for this.

Most have heard of a root canal, but some may not know or understand what it is. A root canal is a dental procedure that treats teeth that are decayed or have infection. It repairs the tooth’s nerve tissue in order to relieve pain caused by the infection. And more than 15 million root canal treatments are done every year.

This multi-step treatment begins with X-rays to see exactly where the infection lies. Next, Dr. Milan treats his patient with a numbing agent to ensure comfort throughout the procedure. Cleaning and sealing the tooth is next, which staves off further damage. Some patients may need a dental crown, in which case Dr. Milan will set a filling that is temporary until your crown is ready to be applied.

The beauty of a root canal is that it helps prevent the need for tooth extraction in the future or the need for dental implants. It also ensures no future bone damage will be had and helps preserve your natural teeth while also making you comfortable again.

If you are experiencing severe tooth pain or sensitivity or even gum swelling, you should visit Dr. Milan to determine if a root canal is the necessary solution for you.

An acclaimed Michigan dentist

Dr. Mitchell Milan is one of the most highly-regarded Michigan dentists not only in metro Detroit but also the country. His work has been featured in many publications over the years and his reputation speaks for itself.

What patients feel most secure in is his incredible results combined with a sense of true compassion. He seeks to understand all of your smile woes and present solutions that would be the best and most effective for you. Always utilizing a customized approach, Dr. Milan’s book of service includes only the latest and most advanced treatments. From restorative to cosmetic dentistry in Michigan and everything in between, Dr. Milan can truly transform your smile, regardless of its condition.

Contact his office now for your consultation. We are eager to serve you.

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