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The Dangers of the New “At-Home” Orthodontics Fad

Nowadays, nearly anything is available via the internet. Sure, you can buy a grill or a blender or even a new mattress online, but when it comes to your oral health, buyers should beware.

Companies like SmileDirectClub, a teledentistry company, offer to provide lower-cost solutions to straighten your teeth on a predominantly remote basis. Though they claim to meet the care level of traditional orthodontists, a recent investigation finds otherwise.

Read on for more on this important topic.

What you see is not always what you get

A study published by Hindenburg Research found that SmileDirectClub is, in fact, not up to industry standards of care and is also putting customers at a safety risk. Though the company has found a niche with people looking to straighten teeth for “up to 60% less,” the study asserts that the company may be practicing without the proper licensing.

What’s more, the study found that there are over 1,200 complaints and lawsuits from patients stating that the product, in fact, made their teeth worse off than before with gaps and spacing, cracked teeth, loss of dental crowns and implants and unreachable customer service on top of it.

It’s long been known by reputable dentists and orthodontists that a comprehensive dental exam is necessary before any orthodontic treatment. And the study says that the ADA has called out the practices of SmileDirect, stating that patients are at a risk for injuries without such an exam prior to receiving the company’s services, including and up to tooth loss, nerve damage, pain and bone damage.

Unlike Invisalign Clear Aligners offered at Dr. Milan’s office and other experienced dentists offices, SmileDirect’s services happen largely, if not fully, on a remote basis. The full study can be found here.

Truth be told, you get what you pay for. And when it comes to your health and your teeth, you should always choose experience and proven results.

Cosmetic dentistry Michigan

Dr. Mitchell Milan has been an elite cosmetic dentist in Birmingham, Michigan for over two decades. During this time, he has transformed literally thousands of smiles through the use of cosmetic and advanced dentistry.

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