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The Dangers of Teeth Grinding

Do you wake up with a sore jaw? Are your teeth wearing down? The reason could be teeth grinding.

For many people, teeth grinding (also known as Bruxism) is an issue that can affect their teeth and cause pain. In its most severe state, grinding your teeth can even cause tooth loss.

While there may not be a solution to stop teeth grinding altogether, there are strategies to control it and protect and repair your teeth. Read on for more.

Symptoms of teeth grinding

Teeth grinding can be a result of stress, anxiety or even sleep apnea. Whether a minor or major concern, the symptoms of teeth grinding can include:

  • Waking up with a sore jaw
  • A dull headache
  • Worn down teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Facial pain
  • Earaches
  • Loose teeth
  • Sensitive teeth

Also, some people even wake their spouse or partner with the noise they make while grinding teeth together. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, a visit to Dr. Milan can help.

Treating teeth grinding

First, if your teeth grinding is a result of stress, you may consider relaxation methods such as yoga, meditation or massage. You may also wish to avoid caffeinated beverages to help control stress.

Additionally, Dr. Milan offers various dental treatments that can address teeth worn teeth from grinding, such as dental veneers, crowns and dental implants. Further, he is able to configure a custom mouth guard that you can wear at night to protect your teeth as well as share jaw exercises that can help control the issue.

A consultation will help determine the best solution for you.

Choosing the right dentist

When you choose Dr. Mitchell Milan, DDS and cosmetic dentist, you are choosing a reliable, skilled and highly-regarded dentist. As a longstanding dentist in Birmingham, Michigan, Dr. Milan has treated thousands of people in the metro Detroit area and beyond. In fact, his patients travel to him from around the state and country to receive his excellent care.

Specializing in not only preventative dentistry, but also advanced, restorative and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Milan is well-equipped to handle all of your dental needs. Whether you are experiencing an urgent dental issue or if your smile could use some TLC, call Dr. Milan’s office today for your consultation. We look forward to helping you achieve your healthiest, most brilliant smile.

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