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The Cost of Missing Your Dental Appointment

Now, more than ever, people are dealing with busy schedules. Between career, family and social engagements, there can be little time for anything else.

And while most typically only go to the dentist twice a year, it is important not to cancel or push your appointment off. Even if you have good at-home dental habits, it is does not take the place of your regular dental cleaning and exam.

Not only can missing your dentist appointment have effects on your oral and overall health, but it can also impact your wallet.

Read on for more on this.

Risks of not prioritizing your oral health

First and foremost, your professional dental exam maximizes your oral health. During your appointment, your cleaning will remove hard to reach bacteria and build up that can turn into plaque. This will reduce the risk of cavities and even gum disease.

Likewise, if a cavity or gum issue is lurking, this is something we can spot before it becomes a bigger issue. Many times, dental issues are hard to identify, until they become problematic. Prevention is the key to oral health.

Likewise, your exam helps to reduce the risk of gum disease by potentially identifying it in its early stages. Gingivitis is the first stage and can often be treated before it progresses.

And, truth be told, when you miss your dental appointments regularly, it could cost you more in the long run. More in-depth procedures may not always be covered by dental insurance, requiring you pay out of pocket. Not to mention, these appointments can take more in-office time, requiring you to make even more time for the dentist.

As such, we recommend keeping your six-month dental visit on your calendar!

Choose a dentist who values you!

When you choose a dentist for yourself and your family, you are choosing an ally in your health.

Your dentist should not only be in tune with the latest advanced treatments in the dental field, while offering compassionate care, he or she should offer more than simply a dental appointment, but more resources that can enhance your dental health.

We’d love to show you the height of dentistry! Please feel free to call us for your appointment today.

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