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Sugar and Your Teeth – a Risky Recipe

It is widely known that consuming sugar – including sugary drinks, foods and candies – can be detrimental to your teeth and oral health. However, there is sugar in so many of the foods and drinks available these days, it can be hard to stay completely away.

Keep reading for reasons why sugar is so bad for your mouth and how you can put your best smile forward.

The not-so-sweet side of sugar

Your mouth is the point of entry for all things that permeate the body, thus, acting as the mainstay where bacteria enter. Harmful bacteria like those generated from sugar can wreak havoc by eating away at your teeth and enamel.

Though saliva works to offset the damage, if there is excess sugar in your saliva, it becomes overly acidic, causing tooth mineral loss and enamel erosion. This can ultimately cause cavities to form. Sugar also attracts bacteria that causes gum disease and gingivitis as well as gum recession.

Alarmingly, one study indicated that drinking one to two sugary drinks like soda gave people an over 30 percent higher chance of developing cavities. But it’s not just sugar-laden drinks that are the culprits. Refined sugar can. Be found in processed and packaged foods, as well. As such, it’s key to try to stick to a diet of whole foods, including plenty of leafy veggies to help keep the teeth strong.

And if you do consume sugar, brush your teeth immediately after or at the very least, rinse your mouth with water to wash away debris.

And, as always, be sure to practice good dental hygiene and home and never miss your six-month dental visit!

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