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Solutions for a Gummy Smile

When it comes to a beautiful smile, more than your teeth should be considered. In fact, your gums play a vital role both in the appearance and the health of your mouth. For some, though, a gummy smile, which is when an excess amount of gums show when smiling and talking, can be a cause for low self-esteem or insecurity.

Luckily, there are a variety of ways we can correct a gummy smile. Read on for more on this.

Treating a gummy smile

In some cases, orthodontics can be used to correct a gummy smile, particularly in cases when there are bite issues. Dr. Milan is an expert in Invisalign Clear Aligners, which straightens teeth and corrects over- and under-bites. When your bite is adjusted to the right position, it can reduce the gum tissue that appears when you smile.

Additionally, gum contouring can alter the shape of your gums and even remove excess gum tissue. Using a specially designed laser to remove and adjust the gums to show more structure of the teeth, gum contouring is virtually pain free and can be done in mere minutes. Further, there is no need for sutures, making returning to daily life activities a breeze.

And lastly, dental crowns or veneers can help correct a gummy smile, improving the gum to tooth ratio.

As always, a consultation at Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry will determine the best procedures and custom course of action for you. Consultations are free and are a fantastic way to get answers to all of your dental questions.

Gums solutions in Birmingham, MI

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