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Snap-On Smile – a New Smile in No Time!

Did you know there is an affordable and pain-free way to get a beautiful, brand-new smile in very little time? Snap-On Smile is a solution for those who may wish to transform their smiles because they dislike the appearance of their smiles and want to be cost-conscious. It is also ideal for those who do not wish to undergo in-depth, invasive dental treatment.

Is Snap-On Smile right for you? Read on to learn!

Snap-On Smile in Birmingham, MI

Snap-On Smile is dental appliance that is created from thin resin. It is strong and allows the patient to do normal activities like eat and drink without complication.

The resin is just .5mm and snaps on over your natural smile. There is no need for anesthesia, drills or needles.

There are two steps to getting your Snap-On Smile. First, Dr. Milan will take impressions of your teeth (either upper, lower or both) and then you will choose which tooth shade you’d like from 23 custom shades and which smile design you prefer from 18 options.

Next, at the second appointment, Dr. Milan will place your new smile over your teeth to reveal a straight, white new smile! Not only that, but it also restores your teeth to full function and can last for years. Just one of the many reasons our patients choose Snap-On Smile!

All-encompassing dental care

As a leader in gum, teeth and total mouth care, Dr. Mitchell Milan can transform your smile from lackluster to stunning and from poor health to fully functioning.

With two decades of expertise in preventative, restorative and cosmetic dentistry, he and his team are ready to help you achieve oral health excellence. And they do so in a caring, comfortable and efficient manner with a goal of exceeding your expectations.

No matter if you’d like to explore Snap-On Smile or another treatment, we are here for you! Call today to learn more.

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