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Senior Dental Care: What You Need to Know

When we talk about the significance of oral health, we often discuss the importance beginning proper dental habits during childhood. This can, of course, set the stage for optimum oral health throughout life.

However, another important topic to address is dental health for seniors. Unlike children, teens and adults, seniors face certain dental issues and risks that are unique to them and should be treated in a customized way. Keep reading to learn more.

Common dental issues for seniors

Seniors can face several dental issues that come with aging, most of which can be avoided through appropriate dental hygiene as well as regular visits to the Michigan dentist. However, many seniors simply do not receive the dental care that they should. And those who do may face certain dental issues that are tough to avoid.

Some statistics go as far as to say that not even 75 percent of seniors get to the dentist annually. Other numbers indicate that as many as 25 percent of seniors have periodontal disease. This is alarming, as periodontal disease can lead to tooth decay and loss and even more serious health issues, including heart disease and diabetes.

Further, gum disease is a common issue that seniors encounter. This can be due to physiological changes or even long-term exposure to bacteria. A routine of brushing twice a day and flossing every day can combat this, as well as dental checkups and cleanings.

Some seniors may also face issues with dry mouth. This can be due to salivary gland aging or underlying diseases. And, most seriously, seniors can experience tooth loss resulting from long-term decay or gum disease.

Dr. Milan of Birmingham Center for Cosmetic Dentistry has expertise in treating seniors and providing them with exceptional dental care. Not only does his office offer the height of preventative care to help avoid the aforementioned issues, he is also equipped with the technological advancements and know-how to restore smiles through the use of dentures, implants, veneers and more.

If you are a senior looking to bring your mouth back to health, Dr. Milan has solutions.

Metro Detroit dentist of choice

Dr. Mitchell Milan is a top dentist and cosmetic dentist in southeast Michigan. For over 20 years, he has helped people just like you regain their dental health — and self-confidence and quality of life — through customized dental treatments.

As an expert in cosmetic dentistry in Michigan, Dr. Milan has rejuvenated and restored thousands of smiles…even some that were once thought to be beyond repair. He takes immense pride in his work and his results attest to this. Always remaining on the cutting edge of the dental field, Dr. Milan is consistently introducing new and advanced treatments and procedures at his office in order to accommodate his patients as effectively as possible.

Acclaimed for his skill and experience, Dr. Milan treats people from all around the country, as they feel confident in his abilities.

Are you in need of dental care? Don’t wait. Contact Dr. Milan today. He looks forward to serving you.

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